Welcome to Agile Dialogs; we’re an unconference dedicated to having dialogs about thorny topics in the agile community. What do we mean by ‘thorny topics’? Well these are topics that generally have very entrenched positions of whether one or another is the “right way” or the “true path”. The objective is not so much as determine if there is one or not, but to see what we can learn from each side. If we can temporarily suspend our belief that our side knows all the answers for the topic in question, perhaps, just perhaps, we can learn better ways to improve our craft.

As an unconference, we have one goal on whatever theme we are exploring:

Dialog over Debate

We aren’t interested in finding out who is right, but rather understanding the contexts, assumptions, and experiences in which you have found the position you take works and to allow your assumptions to be challenged about when your position may no longer work. In the process we may craft new tools or techniques that can help others without the dogma.

Our Next Theme

The theme for the upcoming Agile Dialogs on June 10th is-

“For getting to the Agility you want, which works better: a defined, intentional transition or a co-created approach?”

Learn a bit more about this theme in the latest news post.